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Door mats

  1. Live laugh leave
  1. Hope you like big ass dogs
  1. Hello mothafucka hey, hi, how ya do'ern
  1. I can't believe you came
  1. Does this mat make my house look big
  1. i love when people don't ring my doorbell
  1. Welcome to santa's twerkshop
  1. Bitch don't wear no shoes in my house
  1. I know you're here but please leave
  1. Yes Amazon this house again
  1. Yay you're here
  1. Boo
  1. The neighbors have better stuff
  1. Please hide packages from my husband
  1. Bless this hizzle fo shizzle
  1. Home is where the ho & me come together
  1. Come back with a warrant
  1. Did you bring wine or cheese?
  1. It's not a whore house it's a whore home