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The first burn is the most important

You bought your new candle and you're ready to light that baby up! First thing's first. If you purchased our candle, take a picture of it and tag us on your socials! We love to see our products out in the world being used by awesome people like you! 


The first burn is the most important. Why? Because it sets the tone for the candle's life! I bet you never knew this...unless of course, you are a candle maker...and even then maybe you didn't know this. Hey, don't kick yourself yet, everyone has to learn from somewhere.

You want your candle to last long and burn properly so make sure you light your candle for at least 3 hours (or until the wax liquifies to the edge of the glass). Have you ever heard that "wax has memory"? No? Okay, this means that if you burn your candle for the first time and blow it out after 20 minutes and the wax pool was a tiny little circle around your wick and theres unmelted wax surrounding the wax pool, your candle will only burn within that little wax pool every time you light it.
Your candle remembers.
This little wax pool is called tunneling and it's ugly, a pain, and shortens your candles life by like, a lot. Kind of like a bad relationship. There are ways to fix this that I will go over in another post but for now, let's just avoid doing this okay? 


Now there could be other reasons why your candle is tunneling that is not a fault of yours and this is usually something you can spot pretty quickly. If the wick in your candle is the incorrect size (too small) for the vessel your candle is in you will notice that your candle is tunneling. We suggest always reaching out to the company you bought your candle from to see what they can do. Hopefully you're only buying our products and if so, you will never have to worry about this because we do a lot of testing on our wicks before placing them in new vessels. With that being said, if one of our candles are tunneling then it's probably your fault. LOL, jk.

Keep your candle away from drafts. I used to think if I left my candle in front of a window or something where there was a breeze that it would make my house smell nicer faster. Maybe this was just a me thing but if your flame is being pushed to one side of a candle it could cause your candle to burn unevenly because one side is getting more heat than the other. Drafts could also cause other light weight items to come in close contact to your candle and catch fire. I know what you're thinking, we think of everything!

Okay quick recap:

  • We're gonna light our candle for the first time and let it burn until the entire top of the candle turns into a wax pool!
  • We are not going to leave our candle burning unattended and we are going to keep it away from flammable objects. (Yes, we have to say these things even though they're common sense.)
  • We're gonna keep our candles away from drafts and other items because fire
  • We're going to educate ourselves on candle safety and candle burning whenever Cierra posts a new blog. This step is optional but important if you want to be smart.

And remember always, always, always trim your wicks before each burn after the first burn! I'll tell you why in the next post.

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