About us

Hi! We are The Perfect Match, like literally.
My name is Cierra & my Fiancé's name is Justin. We created this business because we wanted to build something together that we really enjoyed! I love, love, LOVE candles! We figured if we could make our own soy wax candles and come up with some witty sayings we could make a  business out of it. We opened in March of 2020, when the world was going to complete sh*t. I was working full-time at a local hospital and Justin was (and still is working) full-time at his manufacturing job. I was fortunate to leave my job 4 months into the start of this business. I know, 4 months is so fast! We were extremely successful on Etsy and sold over 20,000 candles in our first 10 months. I decided to leave my job because to me it was just that, a job. Owning a business was my passion, and I took the leap and went with it. Our success on Etsy led us to opening up on Amazon Handmade and now our own website. We are both really passionate about the work we put into this business and will continue to learn and grow as a company to produce the very best soy wax candles you can find.
We have done a ton of research and testing on our products to ensure top quality products. Our 100% soy wax is grown right here in the U.S. and we never add any chemicals to our candles. Our fragrances are phlatate free (those harmful toxins you will find in some other candles) and our wicks are 100% cotton! Our candles are safe for families, pregnancies, and your fur babies.
    Our candles are unique, fun, make great gifts, and smell AMAZING. Seriously, the Black Raspberry Vanilla is to die for. Just make sure you trim your wicks & light these up responsibly.